A little about me…

I’m passionate about helping adults and special populations succeed in the classroom – even if the classroom they choose doesn’t look like the one we grew up in.

I’m currently the Director of Operations at Skillcrush, where I manage the instructor team and oversee operations at both the class and company levels. This means I manage student-facing experiences like lesson delivery and career counseling, as well as internal processes like hiring and onboarding. It’s my job to make sure we deliver awesome value to our students in a way that’s efficient and scalable!

Before joining Skillcrush, I developed online courses at Columbia College Chicago and taught high school students in the Chicago Public Library’s YOUmedia spaces.

Spreadsheets and well-documented processes are my jam. I also like reading comic books, taking random classes, and working remotely from new places.

Want to chat?

You can reach me at

carotoe [@] gmail.com