Paying it forward

I already mentioned that Skillcrush recently launched Hit Refresh, a podcast about the other tech industry—the one that doesn’t require computer science degrees or a wardrobe full of hoodies.

This week’s episode (our third) is all about tech companies adopting a practice of radical transparency. I’m interviewed about the salary tiers that I developed with our CEO. I talk about why and how we made the switch, and the results we’ve seen since.

You can listen to the episode (or read the transcript) on the Skillcrush Blog.

Supporting mental health at work

One of the big projects I’ve been working on at Skillcrush this year is improving our benefits package. Some we immediately improved or started offering, others are going on our long-term benefits roadmap.

One of the ideas that came up recently was a desire to support team members in taking care of their mental health.

Our company insurance plans cover mental health services, but not everyone has insurance with us – our provider won’t cover anyone working less than 20 hours a week, for example. (We also have a number of independent contractors, international team members, and employees who are covered under their partner’s plan instead.)

We started looking into mental health benefits that would work for our remote team – stipends, remote subscriptions, or some combination thereof. We’re still figuring out what makes the most sense and when we could start offering such a thing, but realized some of our research could be helpful on its own.

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Small talk isn’t small

Small talk isn’t always small. It can be a really big deal, especially on a remote team.

When you share a physical space, there are opportunities to learn about each other while you wait for the elevator or walk to your favorite lunch spot. In a remote environment, you have to create those opportunities.

The good news is that the remote equivalent of these spaces probably already exist on your team. You just have to know where to look – in the two minutes you spend waiting for people to trickle into your Zoom call, or responding to someone’s musing in the #random room.

Small talk is a great place to start.

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About that Snapchat I sent you…

Skillcrush recently launched Hit Refresh, a podcast about the other tech industry—the one that doesn’t require computer science degrees or a wardrobe full of hoodies. In our first episode, we talk about how technology makes it possible to radically rethink our workplaces, and that doing so is one of the most effective ways to welcome more people into our industry.

I’m interviewed about how I use tools like Rabbit and AmazonPrime to replicate in-person culture on our remote team… and then I share a story about the somewhat inappropriate Snapchats I send my co-workers. 🙈 #whoops #isthisthingrecording

You can listen to the first episode (or read the transcript) on the Skillcrush Blog.