Detroit Trip Recap

Hello from Detroit Metropolitan Airport! My best friend Blair and I are in town for the weekend enjoying some quality BFF time. It’s been a great end to a good week.

We planned the trip last minute, booking a cheap Airbnb that ended up being a perfect fit for the two of us. It was just double beds in a studio but it was in a nice place. The more Airbnbs we stay in, the more I prefer them to a hotel. I like staying in an actual neighborhood instead of some sterile corner of downtown and it’s easier to make yourself at home.

Not that we didn’t do the whole tourist thing on this trip. Because we totally did.

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2 Flights and 1,408 Miles: A BFF Road Trip

Earlier this summer, my best friend Blair and I were catching up on the phone when the subject of his impending move came up. He recently finished his Teach for America commitment in Minneapolis and was spending the summer in Tulsa, training new corps members, but his new teaching job is in Washington D.C. It’s a twenty-hour drive and he had just a day and a half to do it by himself.

He told me all of this in passing, and I didn’t anything of it. He’s been doing similarly ridiculous things as long as I’ve known him so I just rolled my eyes and made an equally offhand comment that if he had even one more day, I would fly down and make the trip with him. You know, turn it into a real road trip.

A week later, he had squeezed one more day out of his new school and I had booked two one-way tickets. (Side note, that’s way harder to do than it should be.)

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Weddings weddings everywhere

My birthday was earlier in the week and though twenty-four isn’t exactly a milestone age, it has ushered in a new era: weddings, weddings, weddings everywhere.

Up until this summer, the only weddings I went too were that of close relatives. Each of my parents remarried when I was in college and before that there was a scattering of older cousins pairing off. Now I’m at the point where friends are starting to do the same. I’ve got five close friends getting married this summer. Three down, two to go!

Lucky number three was also the only wedding in which I’m a member of the wedding party. My childhood friend Sidney got married at her childhood home right outside of Nashville. Her parents have a sprawling piece of land with a lakefront view and plenty of room for a big wedding.

I was only in town for a short amount of time (Thursday morning – Sunday morning) but it felt like twice as long because we were so busy prepping for the wedding! It was unbearably hot most of the weekend but thankfully, it cooled off just before the wedding itself and we had a nice breeze for most of the night. So thankful!

I don’t have any photos from the actual wedding (for obvious reasons) but here are some random snapshots from the weekend. Most of them are from the rehearsal dinner, which was Stoney River in Nashville. (Pause for emphasis.) It was absolutely amazing. I’m not even going to go into a whole bunch of detail and try to convince you. Just know that it was the best meal of my life and if you ever get the chance, you should totally check it out. If I lived close enough and could actually afford to, I would be eating it all the time.

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Brooklyn Zine Fest (and the rest of our NYC trip)

When Blair mentioned that he was headed to New York for a weekend in April, he made an offhand invitation for me to join. I didn’t think much of it initially. Blair is always going somewhere, after all. Then I remembered that Brooklyn Zine Fest was some weekend in April and wouldn’t you know it, the stars aligned. Two birds, one stone and all that. (Blair is a bird in this scenario.)

I’ve only been to the city once before—to visit Blair when he spent the summer there as an intern. That too was a quick trip, but also a really jam-packed one. I was a happy to just go with the flow this time around. Sometimes just getting around New York is an ordeal in and of itself so we didn’t schedule much ahead of time.

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