Design Your World Tour Guide

The Client

The International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT) was a network of twelve colleges that offered post-secondary arts education. (They are now Stanford-Brown College.)

The Goal

As part of their recruitment efforts, IADT wanted to liven up their campus tour and make it more engaging for high schoolers who considered applying.

The Result

I created Design Your World, a four-hour program aimed at high school juniors and seniors that was part campus tour, part art class.

In addition to learning about the school and its academic programs, students were able to participate in a ninety minutes design class with an IADT professor. They learned about design fundamentals and then used professional-grade equipment and software to put their new knowledge into practice by creating their own unique logo.

The program ended with a casual lunch and Q&A with admissions counselors.

My Role

(Summer 2012)

  • Curriculum Development — I wrote curriculum with three variations that allowed students to complete a hands-on project in photography, graphic design, or mobile development. I also wrote the training materials and tour guide.
  • Print Design — Designed the program’s logo and style guide, as well as all the marketing materials geared towards high school art teachers and guidance counselors.

Proposal for Creative

Design Your World Proposal

Tour Guide for Harrington Location

Design Your World Tour Guide excerpt

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