Learnapalooza dance class

The Organization

Learnapalooza is a free festival that celebrates learning. Hosted annually in three Chicago neighborhoods, it’s a chance to meet your neighbors, explore the city, and learn something new. Local businesses offer up their space and classes are taught by volunteers looking to share a hobby or trade.

My Role

Winter 2013 – Winter 2016

  • Operations — Recruit teachers and non-teachers alike to share their skills in the form of one-hour workshops, and manage the application process. Coordinate all the logistics around teacher and space availability, necessary equipment and supplies, as well as actually scheduling the festival.
  • Design & Development — Established brand standards around our existing logo and expanded the suite to include colors and font guidelines. I also developed a new website, designed t-shirts and all subsequent marketing materials such as programs and flyers.

Learnapalooza Brand Guide

Learnapalooza teacher guide

Front of Learnapalooza tshirt

Back of Learnapalooza t-shirt

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