The upside to over-traveling is that if you do your laundry before you leave one city, you can just wear other clothes for the three days you’re back home, and then you’re ALREADY PACKED for the next trip. (Don’t forget you learned that gem of a pro tip here, folks.)

In related news: I am a ridiculous person who scheduled five trips in one month.

I’ve spent most of my train rides and airport downtime revisiting all the great things I read this year to make a reading list you can use during your own holiday travels. So open a bunch of tabs, flip your phone to airplane mode, and do not recline into your fellow passenger’s small sliver of remaining personal space. (Don’t be dick this holiday season, y’all.)

Just like last year, I kept a running list over the last twelve months and then slashed said list in half. All of them are available online for free and my attempts at categorization are kind of a joke. Enjoy!


A million little pieces (Politico)
First Generation Students Unite (NYT)
Here’s Why There’s No Such Thing as Free Public Education Anymore (TakePart)
Phantoms Playing Double-Dutch (Seven Scribes)

I Dressed Like Cookie for a Week to Get Over My Imposter Syndrome​ (Cosmopolitan)
Mindy Kaling’s Guide to Killer Confidence (Cosmopolitan)
The Marginalization of Women in Mainstream Country Music (New Republic)
What Lean In Gets Wrong: How I Balance a Career, Marriage, and Parenthood (APW)

Hey, Trump: Let’s Make a Registry of Dangerously Entitled White Men (NY Magazine)
There’s Nothing Inevitable About Hillary (New Republic)

How Ant-Man Fails its Female Characters (East Cupcake)
How Jessica Jones Absorbed the Anxieties of Gamergate (Slate)
What It’s Like to Live and Die by TV Ratings (Vulture)

Mo’ Tools, Mo’ Problems (Dear Design Student)
Space JamForever: The Website That Wouldn’t Die (Rolling Stone)
The Anatomy of a Tech Job Listing (Skillcrush)

An Accidental Roadmap to Satisfaction​ (Beth Schechter)
How to Stop Relying on Job Benefits (and why you should) (Skillcrush)
Talking to Jen Dziura About When to Quit Your Job​ (The Billford)
Those who can’t teach (Help Scout)

Everything is yours, everything is not yours (Medium)
How To Keep [Your City] Weird (Citylab)
If It Bleeds It Leads (South Side Weekly)
It’s millennials’ turn to take the blame for the downfall of society (LA Times)
Why Your Rent Is So High and Your Pay Is So Low (LA Review of Books)

Now that that’s done, this is the part where you comment with your own favorite links.