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What got you here won’t get you there.

The team and processes that got you started aren’t the ones you need to get to the next phase. That’s where I come in!

I’m an operations consultant that loves helping values-driven organizations automate their busy work, streamline their processes, and scale their teams. If you’re a small startup that has found product/market fit but doesn’t know how to reach the next level, I can help whip your spreadsheets, org chart, and systems into shape.

"I only wish I hired Caro sooner! Caro helped us get ready to interview (and hire) our very first full timer. I was so impressed with Caro's patience, communication and the resources I walked away with."
— Hannah Soto, Founder of Grey House Productions

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Think of me as your outsourced operations director – there when you need me, and not on the payroll when you don’t. I specialize in process development, especially at it pertains to hiring, onboarding, and budgeting.


I’ll work with you to define your new role and put together a comprehensive hiring plan that will provide you with step-by-step guidance for the whole hiring process. You’ll never again have to wonder where to start or what to do next!


It costs a lot of time and money to hire a new employee, and even more to waste their first few weeks. We’ll make sure your new hire feels welcome and productive from day one by developing a repeatable process that allows them to learn the basics, easier and faster.

You can learn more about my approach by watching my talk about how to onboard remote employees.

Process Development

When you’re small and scrappy, you do things manually because you have to, but so much of scaling is figuring out what you can automate, streamline, or stop doing altogether. We’ll start by aligning on your goals and then I’ll dig into your processes (or lack thereof!) so you can grow your business without increasing your workload. All of this can happen in a matter of weeks!

Custom Support

Sometimes you are so under water that you don’t even know what you need. And that’s okay too! We’ll figure out how I can help together. And, on the off chance I can’t, I’ll never charge you.

While I specialize in working with remote teams, I’m happy to work with co-located teams too!

Interested in working together?

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