I love speaking about WordPress, particularly to beginners and groups outside of tech. I also love to give non-technical talks about remote work and/or management.

Upcoming Talks

Leadership & Management Panel

November 5th | Ela Conf | Philadelphia, PA

In this panel, we’ll hear from women who are experienced managers and leaders. Questions and topics include advice for new managers, transitioning from developer to a tech team lead, and being a leader without the title.

The Other User's Experience

May 22, 2016 | WordCamp Minneapolis | Orlando, FL

Your new site looks great! It's super usable! ... but what about the Admin? Is your client going to be as happy with the backend as they are with the front end? We'll discuss why it's important to not overlook your client's experience when building a WordPress site and how a few simple customizations can lead to a happier client, more referrals, and less maintenance for you. Attendees will walk away with specific steps they can take to improve the Admin for their user - a few involve snippets of code, but the majority won't!